Elisa Artesero: text and light in contemporary art

UK-based artist Elisa Artesero creates text and light-based works. She often focuses on the importance that public art and free cultural events have for communities. Moreover, the artist writes herself the poems that appear in her artworks, finding inspiration in themes such as the transience of life, dream, space.

The Garden of Floating Words

The Garden of Floating Words, Elisa Artesero, 2019, text and light
The Garden of Floating Words, 2019

The sculpture The Garden of Floating Words was installed for the 9th edition of SITC (Sculpture in the City), in London, from June 2019 to June 2020. The work was originally created for 2017 Canary Wharf Winter Lights Festival.

“My work is about transience, so I wanted to create a piece that on one level connected with the surrounding architecture of the large glass buildings in the City, but on another created an element of ephemerality.”

That’s what the artist herself says about The Garden of Floating Words, appearing as poems made of glowing, floating words. Actually, during the day it reveals its nature of words installed on tall rectangular stands, evoking surrounding buildings.

The Stories Under Our Feet

The Stories Under Our Feet, Elisa Artesero, 2015
The Stories Under Our Feet, 2015

Elisa’s work frequently involves light. The Stories Under Our Feet, 2015, is light and text artwork coming from under the edges of Manchester City Library benches. These short poems create moments of contemplations and dialogue for people sitting on the benches or simply passing by. About light, Elisa says that “its ephemerality is probably the most wonderful thing about it”.

Dreamers Dance

Dreamers Dance, Elisa Artesero, 2018, text and light
Dreamers Dance, 2018

In 2018 the artist created a performance installation in the spaces of ArtWork Atelier, Stanford. Dreamers Dance is a collaboration between the artist and UCEN dancers, together with the electronic music producer Caro C, choreographer Belinda Grantham and director Graham Hicks. Dancers performed against a backdrop where the word DREAMERS was mirrored thanks to light.

List i Ljosi Festival, Iceland

Elisa Artesero, text and light
Elisa Artesero at List i Ljosi Festival, 2017

Elisa’s artworks always creates a conversation with the surrounding environment. In 2017 she participated to List i Ljosi Festival, Iceland. She projected Tonight We Dream on the side of a mountain in Seydisfjordur. Other projections were displayed onto the side of buildings around the town, telling stories about nature.

Flower messages

Flower Messages, Elisa Artesero
Flower Messages, 2019

Talking about projections, Elisa also projects messages onto flowers in Flower Messages, an ongoing series. Some of these flower messages were created as part of a project with stroke survivors at the SPARC Centre, Sheffield. These works became a permanent window artwork in 2019. The artist has many years of experience working in the arts and health sector, collaborating with The Stroke Association, SPARC, Arts for Health and many others. 

Flower Messages, Elisa Artesero
Flower Messages

“These messages also seem quite prevalent for the ongoing Covid19 pandemic, with many of us sustaining long periods of isolation, as well as others working in challenging circumstances.”

That’s what the artist says about Flower Messages, when thinking about this work related with the crisis we’re living today. 

Elisa Artesero is a young contemporary artist, based in the UK. She creates peaces that places text in different environment, always studying light and its possibilities. She’s interested in themes as transience and ephemerality.

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